Top Shelf

Top Shelf

Top Shelf

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7 Responses to “Top Shelf”

  1. LouisTheDude says:

    Creepy…too skinny and totally unnatural. No thanks.

  2. boyer28 says:

    I would like to see where them long legs stop

  3. DooDoo says:

    The top shelf? You mean the one with all the dust and crusties and shit on it cuz it never gets clean and you hope nobody tall visits and notices how big of a slob you are? Then yeah, she’s topshelf.

  4. tezzer says:

    errrmmm holy fuck!!

  5. ONC says:

    Nice shape but way too thin. Strap a few weights to your ankles to keep from flying away!

  6. wang says:

    that looks incredibly fake, like a cgi girl, something is afoul here. id still jerk off to it though.

  7. Self Shooter says:

    Sorry you don’t clean your house

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