Big Booty White Chick

White girl with a big ass taking a picture of herself in the mirror in her thong and bra

Big Booty White Chick

Big Booty White Chick

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9 Responses to “Big Booty White Chick”

  1. BIG-D says:

    Mmmm I love big white booty

  2. slim says:

    god dam now thats a ass

  3. big country says:

    Fake as hell. She’s got that stupid ap that makes shit big or in her case huge!

  4. iceman83 says:

    Would love to see you bending over

  5. Projects says:

    seen this pic around for years. i would shove my face in that ass, suck n lick all of her ass cheeks, n lick that butt hole. i would shove my dick so far up her ass, doggy style, grip tight on her hips, fuck her hard, that ass just getting slammed, making waves. i would love for her to grind that ass on my face. that culo will be red after getting smacked and rammed so much. i’d fill that hole up to the brink.

  6. Projects says:

    who ever got to hit that was real lucky. and that lucky mother fucker better had hit that in every hole real good, like i would of. if i had a chance, or like if i seen her around, thats deff gonna be my target and i will hit it CORRECTLY, if i may say so myself. fucken GUARANTEED i would. and i’ll have proof.

  7. Projects says:

    i would tongue fuck that bitches asshole. lick her up inside idgaf. i bet she hasnt had that done yet.

  8. Fookyou says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen this pic around the internet too. I wish I knew her name, and if she has more pics.. Nude pics even better. That ass is nice as fuck.

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