Pregnant Self Shot Couple



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8 Responses to “Pregnant Self Shot Couple”

  1. Jesse says:

    Poor guy hung like a want a real man?

  2. John says:

    From the looks of it… they are having twins lmao

  3. slim says:

    why is thos hottie with such a fag ….look at him he looks gay

  4. Jesse says:

    You have a dam good point slim he does look gay

  5. big country says:


  6. iceman83 says:

    Hey cut the guy some slack its not his fault they both wear the same bra size.

  7. Theone says:

    Who is having the kid, him or her?

  8. Arturin says:

    Damn..poor girl….got pregnant buy some guy with a two in dick…haha… I think my dick at age 8 was hanging lower than homeboy…. anyways….post some more of her..but lactating…show us some MILK….HAHA

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