Mom and Daughter Self Shot

Mom and Daughter Self Shot

Mom and Daughter Self Shot

Ok so which one do you choose?

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14 Responses to “Mom and Daughter Self Shot”

  1. chris m says:

    i choose the daughter damnn she is hottt

  2. Austin says:

    I’d do the mom while the daughter licked my anus

  3. So says:

    The mom deffinately! Look at how toned he is, and that amazing rack! She’d also know to fuck you senseless! Haha

  4. Austin says:

    The mom and her daughter while she licks my taint

  5. gcstudly says:

    Mom is definitely smoking hot!!

  6. Juan Carlos says:

    Definitely the mom, she is smokin hotttt!!!

  7. John Bauer says:

    I really feel sorry for that daughter, cause as hot as she is if i came home to meet her parents n found her mom alone I’d have to have her

  8. beth says:

    im not lesbian but i would deffo do both of them have the mum sit on my face while i lick her clit while frigging my self then get the daughter lick the cum from my pussy

  9. Ryan says:

    This is hilarious. Mom and daughter? I actually know the girl on the left and she’s about 25.

  10. alexgee says:

    Mums best by far

  11. Josh says:

    If she is a mom, she sold her soul for that bitch bod.

  12. Sincitydude says:

    I’d date the daughter and fuck the mom.

  13. ricky_baby says:


  14. Fookyou says:

    Seriously? This is not mom & daughter pics. The girl on the left is like 25, and the one on the right is 19. Nice try..

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