14 Responses to “Submitted: Air Force Self Shot”

  1. Big-D says:

    God I love the air force…

  2. bdwow says:

    Thank you…for your service …

  3. Jesse says:

    Salute to you dam girl you are sexy as hell email me jphipps400@Gmail.com

  4. big country says:

    Im definitely saluting right now!

  5. Nice says:

    It’s official. Going AF

  6. tiny1 says:

    Too bad there’s none like that where I’m stationed

  7. slim says:

    Thing i would do to u to help my country

  8. Chumley says:

    That rare air…umm love it.

  9. Dan says:

    I don’t think they make the right words.. Damn! I bet there’s. People wrecking every where she goes.

  10. Dan says:

    Any chance ur at Wright Part?

  11. TheGuy says:

    Thanks for the pics and thank you for serving.

  12. wang says:

    gorgeous tits perfect ass beautiful face. it doesnt get better than this!

  13. Air force dude says:

    Damn.. Why cant I ever come
    Across hot air force girls like this here in tucson? SMH

  14. Tyler says:

    You are gorgeous, wonderful pics and thank you for your service, if only there were girls like you in the Marines

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