10 Responses to “Submitted: My wife ashley”

  1. Jesse says:

    Ummmm nice tats?

  2. Cj says:

    That looks TORE UP!!! Lol looks fistable

  3. big country says:

    I see how it is! Erase my comments. Its still nasty as fuck looking!

  4. Self Shooter says:

    Yeah no bashing images that are sent into us, if they’re nice enough to submit to show us then fuck you for being an asshole, send in a pic of your wife and let’s see how she looks

  5. Joe says:

    Ya I give every girl a 10 no matter what. There putting these pics on here for us so shut ur mouth if u have nothing nice to say!!

  6. slim says:

    um no way this chick is terable shes been passed around the biker club a few times

  7. slim says:

    And i have submited my chicks

  8. big country says:

    Geesh man you need to fucking relax. Want to see mine? Fine. Tell me how.

  9. Concerned rater says:

    @Joe… So you’re the one screwing up the ratings on here giving everyone a 10. Why are you giving these ugly girls false hope? That is wrong of you. Be objective and rate them appropriately so tht those girls that truly are hot get their fair justice.

  10. anon says:

    I think she’s hot….has a sexy/slutty appeal.

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