10 Responses to “Submitted: The Girl from Work”

  1. BIG-D says:

    Fuckin hot

  2. Jesse says:

    Wow dam give me her number I will keep her company for sure jphipps400@Gmail.com you won’t have any more problems

  3. tonyb says:

    Those pastees are stupid

  4. cabs are here says:

    howard stern wears pasties?

  5. slim says:

    Not hot

  6. dibba dabba says:

    Bullshit. These pics have been on the internet for years. Do people make themselves feel better pretending chicks are interested in them?

  7. wang says:

    face is a bit manly but nice body. quit being a pussy and hit that shit.

  8. jim says:

    not too bad i guess good enough for one nighter. but @dibba does it make you feel better knowing every naked pic that’s been on the web for years? i wouldn’t think so.

  9. Self Shooter says:

    My cock doesn’t seem to care how long she’s been around 😀

  10. dibba dabba says:

    @Jim I just find it comical that someone has to pretend a girl is interested in him to make him feel big in front of the faceless internet. Im sure if this guy really has a gf that she isn’t even in the same league as this broad, and this broad isn’t all that special

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