It’s a Trap!

Something doesn’t look right here

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9 Responses to “It’s a Trap!”

  1. cabs are here says:

    DUDE! stop wearing your sisters clothes! your balls are stretching out her underwear!

  2. bart says:

    I ain’t gonna lie…I’d hit it from behind

  3. yo says:

    I’d give her some dick hit me up

  4. chuck norris says:

    why the fk was this posted??

  5. Hwy says:

    Hello Nathalie!

  6. big country says:

    Hey Yo its a dude! He doesnt make for a bad looking woman.

  7. Nasty says:

    What is wrong with you folks. This is a guy!!! 100% NOT hot at all. Sick.

  8. yo says:

    I’d still hit it

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